Bing Maps Tile Proxy

Enhance your mapping experience with Bing Maps, including an Aerial layer with exceptional resolution.


A second look at the terrain

Bing Maps provides superb imagery with their Aerial layer. In our experience hiking, some locations have higher resolution and contrast. Features like trails can be easier to resolve with a second imagery layer.

after before
Satellite Layer
Bing Aerial

How it works

A free tile proxy to Bing

So how does it work?

The proxy transforms standard tile requests to a format that Bing Maps understands. The tiles are returned from Bing and displayed on your map.

Do I need a Bing API key?

Yes. You can sign up for a Bing API key in the Bing Maps Dev Center. Nothing else is required to use the proxy.

Is the API key stored or logged by the proxy?

No. The first time a tile request is handled by the proxy, the API key is used to retrieve the layer metadata and the Bing URL template. A hash of the API key is used to cache the URL template for future requests.

Is Bing Maps free?

Bing Maps provides a generous free tier with their Bing Maps Basic Key. The free tier allows a maximum of 125,000 cumulative "billable transactions" per calendar year. Tiles are not considered billable transactions.

Is the proxy free?

Yes. The proxy runs at very low cost on Cloudflare. The proxy is serverless and runs with no hosting costs, with the goal of providing the service indefinitely. We use Bing layers for hiking and want to share the access with the community.

Is it open source?

Yes. The code is available on GitHub: nathancahill/tile-proxy-bing. All code is published under the MIT license and is quite simple to run yourself.

Should I trust you with my Bing API key?

While we can't prove a negative that requests are not logged, we have no desire to expose ourselves to the liability. All API keys are hashed and never logged. See our short Privacy Policy below.

How many tiles can I download?

Neither Bing nor the proxy limit the number of tile requests. Only the metadata request to Bing is a billable transaction and it is cached after the first tile load. Expect to use less than 10 of the 125,000 allowed transactions.

Get started

Generate a tile layer

Start by creating a Bing API key in the Bing Maps Dev Center. Enter the API key below and choose a Bing Maps layer. Then, copy the generated tile proxy URL.

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Privacy Policy

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Terms of Service

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